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As we continue to develop as consumers online, so too do our behaviours. Technological advancements have altered the way customers now go about their lives, with the majority increasingly turning to the internet for the most basic of needs. The UK legal sector is no different – consumers want to alleviate perceived risk by choosing the best and brightest.

Customers turn to the internet

“In the changing UK legal landscape (think ABS) and with the majority of people looking for law services beginning their journey online, word-of-mouth referrals could soon be eclipsed by inbound marketing as a digitally focused strategy for winning new business” (Bright Fire).

The public no longer relies solely on what their friends tell them about a solicitor, lawyer or practice. Nowadays, search engines and online review sites are becoming a critical part of a law firm’s marketing activities. In order to stay competitive, it is the firms that need to alter their approach to coincide with this dramatic shift in consumer behaviour.

“It's fairly accepted in a modern law firm marketing environment that traditional marketing and promotional techniques will only get a firm so far” (Rokman Laing).

One such way that firms can combat this potential issue is by improving their online presence through the power of consumer recommendations or reviews.


Ever-popular review sites

We have seen across numerous industries over the last decade, how important this marketing tool can become, with the likes of TripAdvisor becoming almost a necessity for customers when it comes to booking their holidays. Clearly, the same can certainly be said for the legal sector or any other professional, for that matter.

“A YouGov poll of 2,266 people found that after recommendations by friends, internet search engines and online review sites were the second most popular way to select a lawyer” (SEO Manchester).

So, now that the importance of reviews is much more clear – why RatedSolicitors.com?


How can Rated Solicitors Help our Firm?

Here at Rated Solicitors, we provide that all-important bridge between a law firm and its potential clients. Through our easy-to-use (and measure) review systems, not only are firms able to improve their conduct and performance – consumers can make more informed choices.

Claim your stake

The brilliant part about Rated Solicitors is that you don’t need to do anything other than claiming your firm. Once this is done, you can sit back and let your clients do your marketing for you.

So why is this of benefit? We can’t be brilliant at everything and solicitors are not necessarily the best marketers. In order to provide the best quality service, solicitors need to focus on what they good at – all things legal. Once you’ve claimed your account, we’ll then be more well equipped to market your firm as a reputable service provider. 

Claiming a basic account is completely free. That being said, get in touch with us to discuss other mutually beneficial marketing opportunities Click here to Contact Us.


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